Brand Marketing

What is Brand Marketing?

Do you have to be a national advertiser to have a brand? Let’s start with a few basic visuals. When you see these images what is your response?

This is a brand. Something timeless that weathers the decades and yet, from a 5 year old to a 105 year old - everyone knows Nike, Coca-Cola (Coke) and McDonald’s. So, you are right to be saying to yourself, "I am not a national brand (yet), nor do I have an advertising budget similar to these companies. Do I need a 'brand'?" Our answer is a resounding “YES”. You don’t have to have the advertising budget of Nike or any of the large companies we have mentioned to create a brand, you need to think smart.

How do I create a brand for my company?

You’ve done your homework? Compared the competition? Thought of a company name? Now What!

Let’s start the brand – we start with the simplest of ideas. What makes you stand apart from the competition, what makes you different? And how do we capture it?

This is where the professionals at Gruene Acres Web Design LLC can help.

Gruene Acres Web Design can take all these challenges, blurred messages and what he/she said to do and put them in a boiling pot with your company ideas. We then take your strategy and come out with a plausible plan to take you from the start of your business to the next step of an existing business. We work with you step-by-step working within the budget, creating the look of an established business on your first day. We offer budget friendly plans, financing options, and sometimes just a simple shoulder to cry on.

With over 13 years in the Internet game, from the simple web to a fully marketable sales monger, we know that everyone needs to have their part of the web to survive. The questions are how much do you need? And how will you be found.

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